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Agafay Tours

Buggy and Quad

Ride out to Agafay Stone Desert on an adrenaline-fueled buggy ride or by a quad bike tours to explore the rocky terrains, sandy paths, and open spaces, immersing yourself in the desert landscapes.

These are memorable moments of holidays that we propose you. With half day tour or full day tours to discover the Lala Takerkoust lake and the stone dunes of the Agafay desert.

Desert Tours

Camel Rides

The Agafay desert camel ride is a unique and unforgettable experience that takes you on a journey through the beautiful Agafay desert, located just outside of Marrakech, Morocco.

a Gateway to Adventure and Discovery



Explore the art of cooking in our immersive cooking classes.

From mastering basic techniques to creating gourmet delicacies, our expert chefs will guide you through every step, ensuring a fun and educational experience for all aspiring chefs.

Private Flight


Enjoy bird’s-eye views of Morocco’s deserts and the foothills of the Atlas Mountains on a sunrise hot-air balloon ride from Marrakech.

Ride a 4x4 to the launch spot in the early morning and drift through the dawn skies over the desert valleys and hillsides just as the sun casts them in gold, orange and pink.

Live and experiences a magical moment .


Yoga retreat

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our transformative yoga sessions.

Led by experienced instructors, our classes offer a holistic approach to wellness, cultivating inner peace, strength, and balance amidst the tranquillity of our serene tent space.